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The summer of 2004 my art studio moved onto a 46’ sailboat:  the realization of a lifelong dream.  Much planning during the prior year went into finding ingenious places to store art materials in every nook and cranny.  I had constantly changing scenery, technical challenges due to the movement of the boat, and diverse students from all around the globe.  It was an exciting new experience. We once had another boat follow us from harbor to harbor so their granddaughter could study with me several times a week.  I had a busy hurricane season (July-October) in 2010 in Grenada where I had 18 students 3 afternoons a week.  They ranged in age from 7 to 62 and kept me and the staff at Whisper Cove Bar and Grill hopping.  Another fun class involved painting a local tour boat on the island of Dominica as our final project.  



Welcome to My Studio

It all began with three neighborhood children at my dining room table one evening a week for an art class.   My little class grew by leaps and bounds as their friends, cousins, neighbors and parents joined us.  In just seven months, I had four children's classes, two adult classes and a new vision for the future.  I added a art studio space to my home that accommodated more students, more different media and more fun!   More than half of these students stayed with me for over four years; some even started in kindergarten and stayed all the way through high school.  I also had several who went on to study art in college. 

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Raleigh is my new home and my studio is in the North Hills area.  I offer classes in small groups of 4 to 6 students for ages 6 through adult.  These small groups give me more time per student which allows me to get to know my students.  I am able to discern their learning style and recognize how and when to challenge them.   Also, I am able to give students direction when they need it so they don’t spend too much time waiting for help.  Lessons are designed to teach techniques and principles of design while allowing students the opportunity to be creative and develop a personal style.  Classes for children have a narrow age range so that motor skills and intellectual maturity will be similar.  Adult classes are more loosely structured with each student following a personal curriculum designed for their skill level and area of interest. I'd love to have you visit!